Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did Holocaustard go?! I love that flavor and can’t find it!
    A. Holocaustard is now officially called Creme de la Corpse, per the overwhelming request of people who never
        bought or even tried the flavor. The old “offensive” label is still available by checking the drop down in the
        flavor menu. EDIT: Holocaustard is back!

2. Where can I find your products locally?
    A. We have a listing of retailers, but we’re only in a limited number of shops around the country. If we’re not
        currently carried in your local market, we invite you to introduce our products to your local shop owners,
        and if they decide to pick up one of our lines, we have an incentive program in place to hook you up for
        your help.

3. Why aren’t your products mixed in an ISO-9 lab, like ?
   A. Doomsday Gourmet is and always has been designed as an artisan-quality brand of e-liquid flavors. We’ve
       entertained multiple offers from third party mixing labs to take over our fulfillment, but none as yet is willing
       to institute the processes we employ in our batching and mixing procedures. These processes, including our
       heat, vibration, and UV bombardment steeping ensure our products are ready to vape right out of the box
       and enhance the flavor profiles to a degree that we cannot sacrifice them due to the risk of losing our
       signature quality, and third party labs would be looking at exorbitant investments to match our processes on
       a large scale. Additionaly, ISO is a benchmark of consistency, having absolutely nothing to do with quality.
       You can create an absolutely horrible product, but if product number 7 is identical to product number 1172,
       you can qualify for ISO certification with machinery, and that simply doesn’t say enough about the product

4. What do you mean by “Handcrafted”? I don’t want some strangers nasty fingers stirring my e-liquid up.
    A. Whereas some of our larger competitors employ machinery to fill their bottles and an ISO certification states
        clearly that consistency is the same as a result of the automation employed, our flavors are filled by hand,
        by our employees, one milliliter at a time using laboratory-grade syringes. Our employees don nitrile
        gloves, beard nets and baker’s caps or hairnets and scrub up before mixing and between flavors when
        mixing, to ensure the higest quality is maintained while the love and care we put into every bottle we fill
        simply can’t be translated with automated machinery. While ISO certification is definitely an elegant feather
        in one’s cap, we strive to meet AEMSA guidelines, making sure safety and quality are paramount in our

5. I love Doomsday Gourmet, but I find 80/20 a bit too thick for my tank, can I get another ratio?
   A. We have registered ratios from 50/50 to 90/10 with the FDA and can mix a ratio to meet any tank’s needs.
       Our 80/20 default is simply the result of our own market research and it appears to be the ideal ratio for our
       blends for both tanking and dripping atomizers. While this is generally true, new tanks are being developed
       all the time, and we understand that the needs of our clients may change with time, and will always
       accommodate them in whatever their needs may be.

6. I find 3mg a bit harsh as I try to wean down, do you offer other nicotine strengths between that and zero?
   A. We offer nicotine blends in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, 6mg, 12,g 18mg & 24mg, all registered with the FDA.
       Some people may want to go higher than that, but safety concerns limit our ability to accommodate those
       high nicotine orders. Our business strives on meeting the varied needs of customers.

7. I love Doomsday Gourmet, and I also love Can you mix me a bottle using that flavor?
    A. I personally love playing around with new flavor blends, my assistant says I get a mad scientist look in my
       eye when I’m experimenting. Unfortunately we can only play with flavors now for our own personal tasting
       pleasure. The FDA’s Deeming Regulations took effect on August 8th, 2016. All flavors created after that date
       cannot legally be sold or marketed without prior FDA approval. Everything we have on the site existed before
       that date. 

8. How are you shipping vapor products when shipping has been banned?
   A. That’s actually an excellent question. The PACT Act, which prohibits the sale and shipping of cigarettes
       and other tobacco products via mail service with the USPS, has been adapted to include vapor products.
       That includes all flavored e-liquids, mods, tanks, even accessories defined as tobacco products by the FDA.
       Regulation was set to take effect on April 26th, 2021. On April 19th, the USPS issued a statement in the
       Federal Register HERE that basically says they have no idea how to implement the changes, and will therefore
       delay final wording and enforcement until they can figure out the particulars. Additionally, it appears the
       federal government met with private shippers not affected by the PACT Act like UPS and FedEx in order to
       persuade them to cease business-to-consumer (b2c) shipments as well. Even after PACT Act, we can
       continue to ship to other businesses, but not to consumers. For now, we can ship to consumers, but who
       knows for how long?

9. Why is shipping $15 for one bottle?
   A. We ship all orders via USPS Priority, USPS just instituted a rate increase, making a small flat rate (SFR) box
       $7.30 with a required adult signature 21+ which costs another $7.00. The remaining $.70 is to cover the cost
       of our paper, ink, packaging materials, etc. We will ship up to 4 bottles in a single SFR, and the rate doesn’t
       increase until after 4 bottles. Some of our customers refer to our fast shipping times as the Doomsday
       Wormhole. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

10. Are your products FDA Approved?
   A. At present, no vapor products are FDA Approved. In fact, in the history of the Pre-Market Tobacco Application
       (PMTA), the FDA has only ever approved two products. Swedish SNUs and the IQOS device by Marlboro. Each
       took close to a decade and MILLIONS in investment to be approved. I wouldn’t expect small mom & pop shops
       like us to make the cut. That being said, we are currently registered with the FDA, with over 65,000 SKUs
       submitted, ranging from bottle size and nicotine changes, to our myriad flavors, all registered and submitted,
       and presently allowed for sale in the US.

11. Do you accept returns?
   A. In the case of a manufacturer defect or shipping damage, we will always replace our customer’s product.
       Simply send us a picture of the issue and we’ll get it resolved immediately. If a particular flavor is not to
       your liking, unfortunately taste is subjective and we will not be able to replace your product, but contact us
       and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a flavor you’ll enjoy. We will usually not ask for a product to be

12. How can I obtain a refund for my order?
   A. If the order was placed in error, or if the order has not shipped (we ship same day whenever possible,
       weekends and late orders will obviously ship the next business day) contact us immediately to issue a
       refund. Once an order has shipped, we cannot accept consumable products back, and refunds are not

13. I heard you have a monthly subscription plan. How can I sign up or get more info?
    A. Our Doomsday Gourmet Supply Cache subscription can be obtained by emailing us directly at
        doomsdaygourmet@gmail.com. We’ll send you the form with instructions to complete the order itself and
        customer information tabs. The form is easy to complete, and we’re available to help with any questions you
        may have. The subscription requires a 3-month commitment, and continue thereafter as long as you like.
        When completing the form, you’ll be able to select the following:
        1. Flavors and bottle sizes for your first month, pick from all our lines, over 240 flavors to choose from,
            change every month according to your tastes.
        2. Payment date, delivery is expected within ten(10) days of that date.
        3. Subscription Level – 120ml, 240ml, 480ml or 960ml per month, with discounts for each.
        4. Shipping Address, change this if you like and send some liquids to a friend instead!