Acid Rain

A creamy custard mixed with sharp, tangy grape. An odd mixture, but sure to please.


 Enjoy this green apple delight, it’ll make you miss granny on those cold post-apocalyptic nights.


A mix of fruit with a hint of danger and tropical sweetness. Perfect for desert island getaways.

Atom Bomb

Warm Cinnamon, sweet candy. The Apocalypse should taste like this.

Bunker Raid

A Caribbean punch with a lemon base and hints of pomegranate, acai berry and blueberries.


A delightfully light citrus punch with warm, smooth Caribbean rum, straight from the islands.

Citrus Suicide

You open a box of Mike & Ike’s, grab a handful, shove ‘em in your pie hole Then the President comes on the air with a special broadcast…

Collateral Damage

A smooth, creamy vanilla custard blend, pure, unadulterated vanilla goodness.


A Sweet, fruity island punch, like watching the sun set over the world for the last time.

Crème de la Corpse (formerly Holocaustard, please select label)

A delicate French vanilla custard refined with touches of Cinnamon, caramel and brown sugar .

Dead Inside

A sweet, tart mix of rainbow sherbet flavors with a creamy ice cream undertone.


Creamy milk covering sweet crunch berries and sweet sugary barrels of corn

Grapes of Wrath

Inspired by the sweetest grape sodas and candies,this deep purple delight will grab you by the taste

Holy Sacrifice

This is how the Inca or Mayans would have celebrated the end of the world. Piña Colada with rum.

Improvised Weapons

Inspired by the Filipino dish turon, a tart plantain with caramel and a hint of coconut.

Last Call       

What would you do if you knew the world was coming to an end? Try Bailey’s with a hint of Rum and

Lemon’s Lament

If Meyer Lansky heard about global warming, he’d have asked why the weather is getting colder, and what that has to do with lemons.

Nuclear Winter

It gets colder and colder with every breath. Double-Mint Menthol.

Pale Rider

An orange energy mix to keep you awake on those long, post-apocalyptic nights.

Radioactive Sludge

Watch out for this green goo, the apple didn’t just tempt Eve.

Raging Waters

A sweet, sharp raspberry lemonade that’ll have you puckering up and waiting for the coming flood.


A delicate, warm peanut butter cup with a hint of caramel

Supply Run

A sweet, sugary frosted snickerdoodle cookie (cinnamon and sugar)

Survivors Guilt

This is how Tom Sawyer would have enjoyed the Apocalypse. Hints of Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Pear & Huckleberry.

Tomorrows Twilight

Warm, sweet cinnamon &  sugar over the perfect crème brulee

Config: Zero


A delicate blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon flavors with a touch of Jamaican rum to get the party started, a melon ménage à trois reminiscent of those long college nights packet sniffing.


Black Ice

Reminiscent of old 50/50 Bar Ice Cream Bars, tart citrus oranges and sweet fresh strawberries over a vanilla ice cream center, like social engineering someone’s credit card number.

Jacked In

Inspired by the most-shared recipe in the history of Southern Cooking, the pineapple banana spice cake has arrived in liquid form, like liquid-cooled multi-teraflop perfection!


A perfect blend of tobaccos with a generous helping of strawberries and cream, with hints of rich, smooth brandy, like a long night in, cracking passwords.


Imagine a cinnamon sugar, snickerdoodle cookie with strawberry icing and served à la mode” with vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t exist IRL, but it SHOULD, just like the neuro-net.


A triple berry yogurt parfait. Fresh blueberries, sweet strawberries, and tart raspberries layered over fresh creamy yogurt and earthy granola, then sprinkled delicately with walnuts and pecans. It’ll hit your taste buds faster than a T1 trunk.

Flavored Holocaustards


Our crème de la corpse with a sweet chocolate and hazelnut finish.

Elvis Has Left The Building

Peanut butter and banana swirled into our amazing crème de la corpse blend.


Our crème de la corpse with a touch of tobacco and a smooth caramel finish.

HoloBerry Blue

Our crème de la corpse blended with sweet wild blueberries.

HoloBerry Red

Our crème de la corpse blended with fresh strawberries.


Our crème de la corpse mixed with sweet, savory coconut.


OUr crème de la corpse blended with the ripest of bananas.


Our crème de la corpse layered with warm cinnamon and tart green apples.


OUr crème de la corpse with a sweet bright lemon, think of vaping lemon bars.


Our crème de la corpse layered with sweet and tart raspberries


A thick, creamy peanut butter blend paired with our crème de la corpse

Signum Maleficus


A delicate cinnamon-caramel- infused vanilla bean ice cream with dehydrated pineapple, dusted gently with toasted coconut and almonds.


A lightly toasted coconut macaroon, given the gourmet treatment with a turtle covering, sweet caramel and deep, dark chocolate drizzle.


The pure enjoyment of that last sip from the cereal bowl after a hearty, fruity breakfast with your favorite rainbow-beaked bird. Heavy on the cream notes with the sweet fruity hoops shining through.


A calm, complex blend reminiscent of rice pudding, deep, earthy rice, sweetened to perfection and swirled into a creamy, vanilla pudding base. Get Kozy, people.

Clockwork Clouds


A machine capable of operating completely on its own, independent of external stimuli.

A butterscotch cream with subtle notes of creamy custard, sweet caramel and anachronistic adventure!


The preferred weapon of choice for any swashbuckling copper-covered adventurer, a wide-barrel flint-lock shotgun, capable of rendering any problem moot.

A classic cola flavor with hints of caramel and brown sugar.


A learning clockwork machine, capable of evolving, feeling, and critical thinking.

A complex, gourmet blended nut cluster with caramel and peanut butter notes.

Macer’s Barker

A firearm belonging to an accomplished cheat or scoundrel.

A maple frosted donut filled with the most complex cream and lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

Scurf’s Aeronef

A heavier-than-air flying machine, belonging to a tough gang leader, known as a Scurf.

Take hold and Captain your own Aeronef with a peanut butter flavored crunchy cereal in cool, creamy milk, like those little barrels at the whale oil larder’s warehouse.

Topped Bludger

A scoundrel or thief of strong build, apt to use a bludgeon, who has been hung.

A blend of exotic citrus punches with a splash of dark rum and a creamy undertone.

Cali Cloudz Vapor

All Cali Cloudz Vapor flavors are on the label, each has a more detailed description on it’s page.