Meet Our Team

The Doomsday Army

Our Fearless Leader, Brian Heacox. He can be an ass, but he has a heart of gold and the sense of humor of someone half his height and twice his size.
The First Lady, Erica. She handles finances and tells us when Brian can afford a pizza party.
Anthony, Shop Manager Extraordinaire. He works like 7 jobs, so don’t expect to see him much, but when he’s here, watch your wallet, that guy could sell sunblock to cave dwellers.
Paul is such an integral member of our team, without him we might actually get things done, as it is we spend most nights in a nerd rabbit hole with him.
Michael, what can I say about Michael? He might very well be related to Sid from Ice Age with that picture, but he’s been a solid member of the team for years.
Kyline, or Ky, is quickly becoming one of the hardest working members of the crew!
Clifford helps out from time to time, when he isn’t selling houses. When he’s not making fat stacks, he makes e-liquid for us!
Don does a lot, he delivers food in the pandemic, he helps the developmentally challenged, and he helps make e-liquid in the shop.