A triple berry yogurt parfait. Fresh blueberries, sweet strawberries, and tart raspberries layered over fresh, creamy yogurt and earthy granola, then sprinkled delicately with walnuts and pecans. It’ll hit your taste buds faster than a T1 trunk.

In cyberpunk literature: The Sprawl, as envisioned by William Gibson, is a vast network of intertwined cities that have all grown into each other, forming one huge megacity, spanning hundreds of miles, all interconnected, skyscraper after skyscraper, in a digital dystopian future.

Mixed Berry Parfait



WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical. The Above Warning Applies When The Product Is Used With Nicotine-Containing E-Liquids You Must Be At Least 21 Years Old To Access And Purchase From Doomsday-Gourmet.Com.