Our Yeti menthol e-liquid is the coldest of the cold. It’s the most —

  • Tell them how it hurts.

It’s the most refreshing e-liquid we —

  • Did you mention the pain?

Refreshing e-liquid we have ever made. It’s so cold —

  • Tell them, they need to know!

It’s so cold, we use Yeti to mentholate OTHER stuff. It is one of our —

  • Cold, pain, hurty!!

It is one of our top-selling flavors and has been helping stubborn smokers convert from analog cigarettes for years. And it hurts, shit’s cold, yo!

Extreme Menthol Ice



WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical. The Above Warning Applies When The Product Is Used With Nicotine-Containing E-Liquids You Must Be At Least 21 Years Old To Access And Purchase From Doomsday-Gourmet.Com.